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About the Club


The Central-Eastern-European Recreation Association (CEERA) organizes the Lifestyle and Recreation Club successfully for not less than 2 years. It takes place in a month or so, at 8 times a year. The club activities are held in Szeged in the main hall of the “Railway for kids” Foundation Student Dormitory.


The club activities are led by certified presenters. They contribute to the positive influence on the participants’ way of life and concept of healthcare with their knowledge and field prestige. Furthermore, they call attention to the fact that preserving health is one of the most important human values.

During the activities professionals give lectures on topics related to the improvement and preservation of health and recreation. Prevention is the central aim joined by the idea of making our everyday life better and easier with some care. The lectures can be useful not only for youngsters but also for the older generation.

Participation in the program is free for everyone. As this is a non-governmental organisation the experts give lectures without payment.

Lifestyle and Recreation Club has successfully been organised numerous times. The Club can be characterised by gradual increase in the number of participants as well as in attendance. We would like to deal with up-to-date and important topics so the presentations are interdisciplinary. They include medical, psychological, sport and sociological fields of sciences.

Lifestyle and Recreation Club appears in numerous forums and media. Among others, the lecture can be watched on TV or found on the Internet, too. The TKTV channel broadcasts the Harmónia Magazin (Harmony Magazine) programme on a weekly basis. It also appears as a programme recommendation on Record Media, on the webpage of Southern-Hungary and in the brochure of the rightly famous Közéleti Kávéház (Café of Public Life). We also advertise the Club on the Internet and on public sites. Posters are also edited and are put in various public institutions. The lectures held in the Club are reported quarterly in our scientific magazine. In addition, we send more and more newsletters to those who are interested in our activities. Besides these, we continuously try to extend the list of forums. That way, even more people can become familiar with CEERA and Lifestyle and Recreation Club. For our sponsors we offer place for advertising on all of these surfaces.

Our target audience with regard to their age is mixed. Students from high schools and universities, entrants, young adults, the middle-aged and elderly people are also interested in our programs. One thing is common among all of them: they are interested in and open to deal with health.

We believe that Lifestyle and Recreation Club will be even more successful in the future.

We are part of public life in Szeged. We believe in recreation and health promotion. We feel called upon to do our social work.