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Dear Colleagues, Students, Recreational Specialists
and Visitors!

Our dream was to found a society in Central-Eastern Europe answering the social challenges of the XXI. century, it gives social place, professional representation of interests and opportunities to realise crossborder projects, scientific researches and professional learning for people working in the field of recreation and students.


Central-Eastern-European Recreation Association is a social organization aiming to take part in scientific activities and researches, in whose centre we can find preservation of health, prevention of illnesses, education and skill improvement. We are planning and organizing recreational programmes, that help individuals and communities to improve their health, in order to make everyday life easier, because the most important thing is to enjoy ourself. The organization try to appear in more and more places. CEERA has got successful exhibitions, applications and programmes.

We have got five Hungarian universities as partners: Lóránd Eötvös University, Western-Hungarian University, University of Pécs, Eszterházy Károly College, University of Szeged, and three universities in the region USAMVB of Timisoara (Romania), University of Novi Sad (Serbia), Konstantin University (Slowakia).