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Prof. Dr. Lakner Zoltán Prof. Dr. Lakner Zoltán Professor, Szent István University, Faculty of Food Science, Department of Food Economics, Budapest, Hungary lakner.zoltan@etk.szie.hu

Professional activities:

MSC. (Food Eng., 1983), MSc (Entreprise management, 1987), MSc (Innovation Management, 1991), Chartered accountant, dr. univ. (Food Sci. 1985), Ph.d. (Agric., 1990), DSc (Agr. Econ. 2018). More than three decades long experiences in strategic planning, computer-aided decision making, applications of econometrics and operations research in macro-, branch-and enterprise level planning in Hungary, Russia, Central Asia and Africa.

The top five professional publications:

  1. Lakner, Z., Szabó, E., Szűcs, V., & Székács, A. (2018). Network and vulnerability analysis of international spice trade. Food Control83, 141-146.
  2. Popp, J., Oláh, J., Fári, M., Balogh, P., & Lakner, Z. (2018). The GM-regulation game–the case of Hungary. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 1-24.
  3. Lakner, Z., Kiss, A., Merlet, I., Oláh, J., Máté, D., Grabara, J., & Popp, J. (2018). Building Coalitions for a Diversified and Sustainable Tourism: Two Case Studies from Hungary. Sustainability10(4), 1090.
  4. Kiss, A., Kasza, G., Töreki, K., & Lakner, Z. (2017). Use and abuse of dietary supplements for adolescents—Results of a survey among Hungarian recreational athletes. Acta Alimentaria46(2), 214-222.
  5. Ercsey-Ravasz, M., Toroczkai, Z., Lakner, Z., & Baranyi, J. (2012). Complexity of the international agro-food trade network and its impact on food safety. PloS one7(5), e37810.