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Prof. Olga Kolomietc Prof. Olga Kolomietc Professor, Ural State University of Physical Culture (UralSUPC), Russia Kolomiec_o@mail.ru

Technologies and management of physical recreation at different ontogenesis stages

Sport physiology, sportsmen's physical rehabilitation technologies and management  

Technologies and management of people's, having health problems, physical


The top five professional publications:

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  4. 4Makunina O. A., Kovalenko A. N., Bykov E. V.& Kolomiets O. I. Features of distribution of tobacco Smoking and respiratory diseases among students-athletes of the city of Chelyabinsk/ / / journal of Hygiene and sanitation-Volume 97, № 9 (2018)-P.854-857 ISSN: 0016-9900. ISSN: 2412-0650 (online) Scopus
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