Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
Magyar nyelv Angol nyelv Román nyelv Akadálymentes
General informations

Editorial Guidance and Mission Statement

The ,,recreation” (ISSN:2064-4981). is a quarterly published journal containing peer reviewed articles in Hungarian and in English related to the comprehensive field of recreational sciences (health promotion, preventive medicine, leisure time)

The mission of the Journal is to publish reviews and original research papers (either in Hungarian with English abstract or in English with Hungarian abstract -Hungarian and/or English full text reports-) sprouting from the endlessly developing disciplines of sport science, health science, dietetics, and tourism with a particular emphasis of physical, mental or spiritual recreation. The Journal aims to promote hands-on methods and applications of health preserving techniques. Papers of high quality that encompass touristic or recreational trends of Central-Eastern-Europe are more than welcome.

Publishing schedule: quarterly

Our heads:

  • Urban recreation
  • Nutrition -gastronomy
  • Sportnutrition
  • Explication of the dietary notions
  • Cultural recreation
  • Psychical recreation
  • Gerontology
  • Alternative recreation
  • New fields of recreation
  • Lifestyle-phychology-coaching
  • Book review
  • Glossary
  • Recreational training
  • Touristical attractions

Peer review process

The Editorial Board is entitled to the right of reviewing and accepting manuscripts.

1.     The submitted manuscript is first reviewed by the Editorial Board. If the quality of the manuscript is correct, two reviewers are requested to express their opinion.

2.     After reviewing the manuscript, the reviewers submit their comments and their proposal for publication to the Editorial Board.

3.     The Editorial Board is allowed to make the following decisions based on the suggestion of the reviewers:

a.      Accept without change

b.     Accept with minor revision

c.      Send back to the Author for major revision. After the proposed changes the manuscript            must be reviewed again

d.     Reject

4.     The manuscript remains in the reviewing process until the Editor in Chief declares the manuscript accepted for publication.

5.     In case the manuscript is suitable for publishing, the preparatory and the correction phase follows.

Advertising and Society

The journal is published and produced by the Central-Eastern-European Recreational Association.

Declaration on the moral and ethical principles of the journal

Journal for ,,recreation” applies the double-blind peer review process. Each party contributing to the publishing (authors, journal editors, reviewers and publisher) accepts the standards of conduct expected. The present code of ethics is based on the Core Practices for Journal Editors issued by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics, https://publicationethics.org/core-practices).

Human and Animal Rights

All procedures performed in research involving human participants must comply with the 1964 Helsinki declaration and its later amendments or similar ethical standards.

All procedures performed on animals must be in compliance with the “Principles of Laboratory Animal Care,” published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH Publication No. 86-23, Revised 1996).

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise, must be declared by all authors.

Informed Consent

Informed consent must be obtained from all individual participants included in the study in question.

All manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) guidelines and recommendations (http://www.icmje.org/).