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Angol zászlóAnalyis of antropometrical values, life quality and nutrition of senior swimmers

It is not a new statement that physical activity has a positive effect on health which is proved by experiences of centuries and modern researches. It is always relevant because Hungarian population has an inadequate level of physical activity what is one of the several reasons that the prevalence of obesity is high. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of Masters swimming on body composition and quality of life and to analyze nutrition. The data showed that masters swimmers (n =93) have better body fat percentage and skeletal muscle mass values compared to the reference values. The quality of life scores were as well better compared to the average scores of the Hungarian population. The nutrition of the Masters swimmers was adequate in higher proportion than non-adequate compared to the nutritional recommendations but there was a considerable amount of inadequacies. In conclusion, according to the data of scientific literature and this study, masters swimming can have a positive effect on body composition and quality of life. Besides, to promote health it is recommended to improve nutrition which an important life style factor.