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Year VI., number 4.
Angol zászlóConnections of dyadic coping with the indicators of well-being within mothers of children under two

Keresztúri-Nagy Klára
becoming a parent, dyadic coping, Satisfaction with Life, Satisfaction with Relationship, Satisfaction with Home.
Stress in a relationship can be solved by the couple in many ways, with different kinds of coping strategies. One of the most stressful normative crisis periods in a couple’s life is the birth of the first child. I examined the coping with this event from the mother’s aspect, namely in her opinion, how she handles the stress situation, and what kind of coping strategy she detects his pair uses. The received results are related to the indicators of well-being, and the Satisfaction with Life, Relationship, and Home as well. My research examined mothers raising children under the age of two. Since it is a hardly available special sample, the number of the sample is 82, mainly at the age of 25–35. The outputs of subscales were analyzed with correlation and linear regression. The main result revealed that Satisfaction with Partner correlates with the Supportive Dyadic Coping observed from the partner, also with the Common Dyadic Coping, Satisfaction with Home and Life, whereas showed inverse correlation with the observed Negative dyadic coping.