Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
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Year XI., number 1.
Angol zászlóDevelopment of nutritional recommendations, possibilities of their practical use

Németh Boglárka, Dr. habil. Fritz Péter
Nutriton recommendatons, Smart plate, The Eatwell Plate, Pagoda, My- Plate, Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top
Introducton: Professionals can use diferent kind of educatonal tools to de- scribe nutritonal recommendatons in health promoton work related to healthy eating. Discussion: Nutriton recommendations have undergone great development both in Hungary and in the whole world asvwell. We can overview how the frst American recommendaton developed as early as 1894 and how it reached the MyPlate’s current form. A variety of illustraton tools have provided the most important nutritonal recommendations in Hungary as well, such as rainbow, pyramid or cottage, from which we have reached the latest smart plate that is beieng used today. They can provide additonal guidance to nutritonists through recommendatons and conduct health promoton processes that can improve the populaton’s health. Conclusions: With the involvement of study units, specialized educaton and teacher training, not only the quality of education could be improved, but also their society’s state of health.