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Year XI., number 3.
Angol zászlóEffects of conscious water consumption related to sports

conscious water consumption, cognitve abilites
Introduction: Mild dehydration already alters children’s cognitive functons. Therefore, adequate fluid replacement also plays an important role in cognitive development. In our research, we were interested in whether the water balance of the 12th grade student (N = 37) we examined could be related to their cognitive abilities as well as their muscle strength. In our study, we compared groups of well (2nd) and less hydrated (1st students based on data from the Cognitive Profile Test and the NETFIT strength profle. Results and conclusion Group 2 students scored signifcantly better in terms of InBody ftness score values than their peers. However, there is no signifcant diference between the NETFIT strength profle results of the two groups. Thus, the fact that students ’beter water balance has a positve efect on their muscle strength cannot be justfed. Based on the aggregated scores of the Cognitive Profile Test, we could not determine diferences between the two groups, but in the “Quanttes” task, Group 2 scored signifcantly beter, while in the “Computational Operations” test, we obtained values close to trend in favor of Group 2. Thus, the ef- fect of positive water balance on cognitive abilites can be partially justfed.