Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
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Year IX., number 2.
Angol zászlóElderly People’s Functional State of Musculoskeletal System Correction by Eastern Methods

Petrushkina Nadezhda, Kolomietc Olga, K. Plachy Judit
The problem of aging and associated degenerative changes in human organism state general and the musculoskeletal system in particular remains relevant. 10 elderly age women took part in the research in the experimental group. All subjects for several years suffered from periodic pain in the large joints and in different parts of the spine, which increased during movement. The average age of the subjects was 62.1 years. During the session, all the joints from the head to the toes were worked out, the muscles of the whole body warm up. When exposed to the abdominal cavity, there is spasms and stagnation removal, internal organs normalization. The session ends with relaxing exercises for head and neck muscles. The overall effect after the session is characterized by the following changes. The research results are presented in tables and figures. The presented data indicate a positive (statistically significant) dynamics of the studied characteristics, which confirms effectiveness of the proposed methodology for this contingent. Regarding positive results it is planned to continue the research and study of the Eastern technologies influence over functional and psycho-emotional state.