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Year IX., number 2.
Angol zászlóFamily History Research: A Possible Form of Preserving the Mental and Spiritual Health of the Elderly

Fülöp Tamás
old-age health care, mental and spiritual health, family history research, community building
The Western European societies are aging, therefore, protecting the mental and physical health of the elderly is becoming increasingly important. For retirees, who leaving the world of work, there are nowadays many popular forms of preserving their physical and mental health, psychological vitality, but opportunities can always be expanded. Exploring the family and personal past, as well as the research process, is not only a perfect leisure activity, but also a serious intellectual challenge. In addition, family history research has a community-building effect that can indirectly strengthen family and social relationships, help preserve our identity, and nurture our self-knowledge. In this way, family history research can not in a direct way contribute to the preservation of the mental and spiritual health and activity of the elderly.