Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
Magyar nyelv Angol nyelv Román nyelv Akadálymentes
Year XI., number 2.
Angol zászlóFight in/for your free time. Opportunities to use combat games in recreation

recreation, martial arts, combat games, boxing, wrestling, judo
The aim of the study is to draw atenton to the recreational possibilites of martal arts and combat sport related games. The artcle deals with the role of combat sports and martial arts in physical and mental recreation. The aim of the authors is to provide guidance on active leisure actvities with a collection of exercises containing combat sport related games. The collected exercises include elements of boxing, wrestling and judo in a playful form. The exercises can be recommended for all ages without any tools or special equipment. A further aim of the study is to promote combat sports as recreational actvities through combat sport related games.