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Year IX., number 4.
Angol zászlóFrom The Offce To The Gym Without Pain Informative guide for the ftness professional

Ressinka Judit
Sedentary lifestyle, joint range of moton, warm-up, injury preventon, the NASM Correctve Exercise Contnuum
Most people today live a sedentary lifestyle, sitng for 10 to 12 hours a day. Consequently they become less and less conditoned and equipped to take part in recre- atonal and sports actvites in or outdoors. Technological advances mean we are required to move less and less, leading to loss of range of moton (ROM) and postural deviatons. Some muscles have the tendency to become underactve and others to become overactve (Kendall et al, 2005, Page, 2010). Physical inactvity is increasing the risk of musculoskeletal problems (Holth, 2008, Page, 2010 Davies, 2014), which eventually manifest in pain. This means that working with today’s typical client and athlete is becoming increasingly challenging for personal trainers and sports coaches. The NASM Correctve Exercise Contnuum (CEx) is a systematc, correctve program that is based on deactvaton and activation techniques of the muscle and fascia tssue. I used this system extensively with clients, which enabled them to eliminate minor problems associated with muscle imbalances and some managed to keep major musculoskeletal problems under control so they haven’t experienced pain. Best to use the CEx system in conjuncton with body and postural awareness techniques. My overall aim is to draw atenton to some movement and range of motion (ROM) dysfunctons that are warning signs of potental pain development. In line with the CEx system, I will suggest some easy to implement techniques and exercises to improve muscle quality and actvity, thereby reducing the risk of injuries out doors or in the gym.