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Year VII., number 4.
Angol zászlóGuide to protein based supplement’s world

Dr. habil. Fritz Péter, Mészáros Nikoletta, Ignits Dóra, Katona Sára
protein, function, recommendation, sportnutrition
We need to use dietary supplements to ensure a high protein required for the athlete. There is a wide choice of proteins both in animal and plant terms. Among the dietary supplements of animal based, most popular are whey, casein and whole milk protein, from which concentrates, hydrolysates and isolates are made during the production. Besides, egg white and beef protein is also available, which is recommended to choose according to purpose and individual sensitivity. Of the plant proteins, the most popular is the soy protein isolate, which has the highest protein content of the plants. The methods used to determine the protein content of foods and food supplements by analysing the total nitrogen content. However, these methods are not capable of separating the nitrogen content of protein from the non-protein nitrogen content and thus, unfortunately, provide an opportunity to adulterate the proteins.