Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
Magyar nyelv Angol nyelv Román nyelv Akadálymentes
Year IX., number 1.
Angol zászlóHorse riding as a possible recreational sport

Dr. Bóka Ferenc, Dinya Eszter
recreational riding, leisure sports, benefits of horse riding
Unfortunately, horse riding is not prospering in Hungary at the moment. Even with several indigenous horse breeds we still cannot reach the standard of the national stable. For a long time it was viewed as the elite’s quite expensive sport, however nowadays it is becoming more accessible for everyone. Horse riding doesn’t only consists of riding a horse because horses are not equipment but they are rather the horse riders’ partners. Nowadays spending our free time in an active way is unquestionable, therefore horse riding can appear as a possible opportunity, since it moves the whole body and it brings people closer to nature. In our hectic world physical activity has been neglected since people have busy, strict schedules and as a result nor adults nor children put enough emphasis on working out in any form on a regular basis. A sedentary lifestyle however brings along a few negative consequences such as irregular, unhealthy eating habits, obesity, different kinds of incorrect body postures and many other chronic outcomes. A few years ago a new act was introduced in connection with Public Education, which aim is to deal with the Hungarian citizens’ alarmingly decreasing health. The most effective way to bring about a change is to start at the beginning, with the children. In our opinion, horse riding and sports related to horse riding have a place in both children and adults’ life, and a way to support this could be to incorporate the promotion of horse riding into the education system. Regarding this matter we also have to bring attention to the underprivileged children and children living with disabilities as well. In their cases not only do we have to mention the benefits of the sport but the many other beneficial factors too. Horse riding can help deal with learning difficulties, family problems, mental health issues and last but not least, it can play a huge role in healing and helping those who are disabled or have developmental disorders. Horse riding both as a competitive sport and as a recreational sport has many variations which provide many opportunities for everyone to find the one that is the most suitable for them. It has to be mentioned that even though it does not belong to one of the cost-friendly sports, there are ones that require way more expenses. This sport doesn’t need more sacrifice than any other, it only needs determination and perseverance. In this article we would like to talk more about this topic, review the recreational possibilities of horse riding and also briefly introduce them.