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VII. year, number 2
Angol zászlóManagement and marketing of a fitness centre

Ľubomír Paška – Diana Šimoneková – Jaromír Šimonek
marketing, management, fitness centre, distance from the homeplace.
This article deals with the issues of marketing and management of fitness centres in the town of Nitra, Slovakia. Authors distributed a questionnaire to find out different aspects of visiting fitness centres by inhabitants. They are interested in the reasons why people prefer a certain kind of a fitness centre. Using SWOT analysis we found strong and weak sides and opportunities and threats in the selected fitness centre. The questionnaire was filled in by 252 respondents. Hypotheses were proved – the most significant criteria of selection of a certain fitness centre are: space for performing exercises, modern equipment, distance from the homeplace/workplace, while price does not play an important role when choosing the right fitness centre.