Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
Magyar nyelv Angol nyelv Román nyelv Akadálymentes
Year VI., number 3.
Angol zászlóMy ,,Ringató, my recreation

Dr. Patakiné Bősze Júlia
family activity, singing, experience
Ringató activities are partly about on early childhood education for music. However roots are based on the principles of Kodály program for children, the parents can be also educated. The purpose of this study is to present the program by own experience and/or recommend it to children under the age of kindergarten and their families. Ringató activities can be found at several permanent premises, and are also held on a growing number of occasional basis in Hungary and in neighboring countries. In addition to the general usefulness of the common program among children and parents, the music promotes the evolving of the positive experience and the development of literacy as a tool for self-expression. Partly cultural activities are commendable also for children under the age of kindergarten as a family program, serving the enrichment of the multi- level personalities. Ringató ac- tivity functions like that.