Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
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Year XI., number 1.
Angol zászlóNew trends in climbing wall, digital recreation

recreation, wall climbing, smart climbing wall, application
The change of societal needs have always had a particular impact on the economy, industry and as a result, on sportng life. The use of smart phones, applications and social media is almost mandatory, and appears as a daily necessity in our society. Our research aimed at creating a development in climbing sports that could be decisive regarding leisure sports, recreation or even competitive sports. Our study proved that there was a need for development, becouse this is the only way to make a given sport competitive. either economically or sportingly. The design, construction and analysis of a smart climbing wall can open a new chapter in the life of sport. With the further development of the hardware and sofware feld, we can open new directions in the internatonal felds as well.