Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
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Year IX., number 3.
Angol zászlóPlace and role of dietary supplements and ergogenic acid in sport nutrition

Dr. habil Fritz Péter, Kiss Anna, Pfeiffer Laura
dietary supplementaton, sodium bicarbonate, creatne, cafeine
The prevalence of dietary supplement consumpton is big and shows a growing tendency. The usage of dietary supplements and ergogen substances are may be caused by supplement shortage of micronutrients, providing energy and macronutrients supply and direct and indirect performance enhancement. Only a few substances have clear evidence about their performance enchancing efects which belong to cafeine, creatne, sodium bicarbonate and dietary nitrates. Cafein has a stmulant efect on the central nerve system and stmulates the cardiovascular system. Moderate amounts of cafeine intake (about 2 cups of cofee) has a performance enahncing efect in certain sports. On the other hand, creatn, as an ergogenic substance, looks promising for high intensive volumen and short-term performance athletes, creatne has performance enhancing efects. The extracellulare bufer capacity is enhanced by sodium-bicarbonate, which has a potentally benefcial efect on shortterm but persistently high intensity training for athletes. Before taking dietary supplements, consultaton with a doctor/ nutritonist, it is necessary to eliminate possible risk factors and to ensure safe usage of dietary supplements.