Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
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Year VII., number 3.
Angol zászlóQuestionnaire examination of sports and lifestyle habits among police officers serving in Budapest

Mácsár Gábor, Bogdán József, Plachy Judit
police officers, sport habits, healthy lifestyle, health promotion at the work- place
Aim: Examination of sport and lifestyle habits among police officers serving in Budapest by a self- made questionnaire. Therefore, two important question were analysed, Firstly, what is the most effective method for the employees’ recreation habits. Secondly, which sport abilities are the most favourite for the officers’ health promotion. Results: The sample was: n=1000; 658pc policemen; 342pc policewomen; Mage= 28,6 years. Regarding sport habits 87.12% of the examined person did regular physical activity; 47.3% more than two time per week and 39,8% just two time per week. People, who did not do regular physical activity said: „I have no any free time for the sport”. Many officer (33,4%) smoking, according to the stress factors in their workplace, but several policemen/policewomen took part in the workplace sport program or training abilities. Conclusion: The employees need the organized and professionally managed recreation programmes.