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Year XI., number 1.
Angol zászlóRapid strength as a means of measuring the ability to signifcantly determine the sports performance of volleyball players

sports performance, volleyball, rapid strength
The primary requirement in professional sport is to achieve and maintain a high level of athletic performance. (Harsányi, 2000; Dubecz, 2009; Pucsok, 2009; Petridis, 2015). Sports performance is determined by a combinaton of performance abilites and performance skills . Performance depends on the appropriate level of technical and tactical knowledge as well as that of the intellectual and motor skills. In our study we have dealt in more detail with those components that signifcally afect the performance of volleyball players due to the nature of the game. Since the ball must be transferred above a net of a specified height according to the rules, the task requires not only a proper height, but also a high center of gravity. The optmal increase in the center of gravity and body weight is achieved through the rapid strength of the leg. The aim of our work is to analyse the results of rapid strength tests in the legs to predict the expected performance.