Central- Eastern- European Recreational Association
Magyar nyelv Angol nyelv Román nyelv Akadálymentes
Year VII., number 2.
Angol zászlóRecreational Attractions in Spa Towns: a Barefoot Walkway at Rezi, on Kneipp’s Trail

Hojcska Ágnes Erzsébet
natural healing factor, recreation, volunteering, Kneipp philosophy
The quantity and quality of the mineral waters is the most important of Hungary’s natural resources. Thanks to its precious natural resources Hungary is a so called „great power” of medical waters. The importance of health turism based on medicinal waters and the health has been greatly valued for the last decades. Owning to this fact the prevention, the kuration, the rehabilitation and the recreation has been playing a more important role. The healthy leisure spending an increasingly important role in addition to the spa towns among the people. The article presents the development of a recreational community area, which came true with volunteer’s work in a small town Rezi. The water here also appears through the Kneipp philosophy. The initiative is exemplary on the famous spa towns neighborhood.