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Year IX., number 1.
Angol zászlóRelationship between geriatric diseases and medical herbs

Pászk Norbert, Dr. Kiss-Tóth Emőke, Dr. Plachy Judit
medical herbs, geriatric diseases, health status, prevention, herb tea
The natural environment in Hungary allow us to choose among many herbs. They drugs can prevent or cure several diseases over 60 years. Herbs’ drugs can be very useful even in the case of geriatric diseases as the additional therapy. The main aim was to examine the relationship between geriatric complaints and illnesses and ask for the participants about their natural herbs’ intake. It was analysed by a self-maid online questionnair (nwomen=112; nmen=11). Data were anailysed by Windows 10 Excel and SPSS 20.0 with Descriptive statistic and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA; p<,05). Many significant results have been realised either with de- scriptive statistic or ANOVA. There were questions analysed by 5-score Likert scale regarding health status (M=3,63±,793SD), and many participants like using herbs for prevent geriatric diseases (M=3,93±,797SD). In conclusion we can say, that we need to manage educational programs for using herbs to take the home consumptions safer.