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Year VII., number 4.
Angol zászlóThe beneficent effects of meditation on education aims and its contens regarding working motivation and carieer choice

Mácsár Gábor, Bogdán József, Plachy Judit
stress reduction, simple relax, autogen training, progressive relaxation with music
The accelerated word causes increased load on the population regarding either physical or mental health. The harmful, chronic stress factors have negative effect on human organs. The meditation can solve these injurious progressions. We present three medication techniques in this study – simple relaxation, autogen training, progressive medication with music – which are effective on treat the everyday problems, the learning and the working process. An interesting and efficient technique was represented, this useful on combat sport trainings. This example well reflects the positive effects of motivation, which can be support the students on the entrance exam, or the working motivation and carrier choice.