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Year VI., number 2.
Angol zászlóThe positive effects of gambling

Dr. Tessényi Judit
This article tries to summarize that positive effects which are easy to quantified to show the positive social effects of gambling. Because of the complexity of the issue is inevitable that some positive externalities not evade or only marginally mentioned becouse the data in some cases only estimated or comes from relating to other regions. We examine which items can be taken into account in the state budget level. There are economical and psychological positive externalities and indirect benefits, which are coused by gambling. The goal is to quantify this effect by research of the relevant scientific results. In the first approach the meaningful spending of the freetime (pleasure, fun, recreation), the community-building ability, the income of the state from the taxes and employment manifested benefit are the most obvious, in addition to this sports funding, turism, patronage, etc.