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Year X., number 4.
Angol zászlóThe Role and Resoration of the Symbiosis of Microbiome and Human Body

The health and the physiologic processes of the human body is in corre- laton with the quality of the microbiome-human cohabitance. The symbiotic microbes are promoting the adaptation processes to the environment, they co-operate in the development and sustaning of natural immunity. The microbes are playing critcal role at the operation of the largest neuro-endocrine organ – the gastrointestnal system. The signifcance of this mutual dependence on the ecosystem of men and microbiome hase become into the focus of the scientfc research. More and more scientfic study deals with the artficial supplementation of the healthy microbiome recently. There is an emerging need to advert our attention to the natural sources of the healthy microbiome, in order to understand the underlying principles on the ecosystem of men and microbes.