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VIII. évfolyam, 3. szám
Angol zászlóThe study regarding forest visit habit and physical activity status for the population over 55 years in the North Hungarian Reg

K. Plachy Judit, Perge Anna, Rucska Andrea, Kiss-Tóth Emőke, Fritz, Péter
touristic habits in the forest, physical activity, population over 55 years, International Physical Activity Questionnaire, Nort
The touristic habit in the forests of the North Hungarian region may give a good and healthy turistical programmes for the population over 55 years. The green forest may give a remarkable possibility to slow the elderly people’s typical progressive disease status. The sample was sampled from some North Hungarian retired People’s clubs (n=103; m=65.0). result was measured by the basis of a validated, International Physical Activity Questionnaire. Data were analysed by Excel and SPSS.20.0 programmes. Conclusion is, that the trip in the green forest, like a hiking or cycling have a positive effect on the elderlies’ health and physical activity status.