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Terms of publication

The editorial office has the right to judge and accept the manuscripts.

Content requirements for the submission of the manuscript intended to be published as a study:

Lead author’s name (without title): Title:


Mailing address:

E-mail address:

Scientific activity:

Main research areas:

Picture of the author:

Co-author’s name (without title):

E-mail address:

Co-author’s electronic contact details may appear in the journal so that those interested could contact her for further information: yes no

Contact person’s name:

E-mail address:

Phone number:

Title of the manuscript in Hungarian:

Title of the manuscript in English:

Summary in Hungarian:

Keywords in Hungarian (max.5):

Summary in English:

Keywords in English (max.5):

Text/ Manuscript


Name of the illustration:

Title of the illustration in Hungarian:

Title of the illustration in English:

1. Requirements for the preparation of summaries:

·        Times New Roman font,

·        12-point font size,

·        single-spacing,

·        without formatting,

·        their length must not exceed 1,200 characters (with spaces) and

·        must not include abbreviations.

·        Content elements: Introduction, Aims, Results, Conclusions.

·        When editing, concise phrasing must be strived for so that it would be sufficient for the reader to understand the essence of the article by reading only the summary.

2. Requirements for the preparation of the study text:

·        Times New Roman font,

·        12-point font size,

·        single-spacing,

·        without formatting,

·        its length must not exceed 25,000 characters including references in addition to the body of the text.

·        Footnotes, bold, italics, underline must not be used in the text. Please do not write the subtitles in capitals.

Content elements:

·        Introduction: the posed question must be explained in a few sentences. Detailed historical overview must be avoided. The references must be limited to the newest original articles and summaries.

·        Methods: methods on the basis of which the authors received the results must be written clearly and accurately. If the methods have already been mentioned, it is sufficient to indicate only the principles of methodology.

·        Results: this part must be edited clearly and separately from the “Conclusion” part.

·        Conclusions: it must have a connection with the newest relevant resource material and the findings which lead the authors to the conclusions. The novelty of the results must be clearly emphasised.

·        References: based on the criteria presented here separately.

3. Requirements for the preparation of the References:

·        Times New Roman font,

·        12-point font size,

·        single-spacing,

·        without formatting.

·        Only those references can be listed which were cited in the text and are closely connected to the researched problem.

Specific requirements for the references:

·        The references must be given in alphabetical order.

·        The number of the cited references cannot be more than 30.

·        The works cited are not required to be numbered.

·        The titles—such as Dr.—do not need to be written out before or after the surname of the authors.

·        A particular attention must be paid to the indication of DOI at the references.

3.1. In-text citation for the references:

·        In the text of the manuscript, citation must be made by providing the surname of the author/authors of the given item and the year of publication in parenthesis. For example:

(Bede, 2014)

·        For citation of multiple authors, em dash and space must be put between the names. For example:

(Szemes – Harsányi, 2014)

·        If the cited work has more than three authors, only the first author’s name must be included in the in-text citation, and the full reference must be put in the references. For example:

(Capozzi et al. 2003)

·        If more than one publication published in the same year from a certain author is cited, a, b, c, etc. must be added to the year. For example:

(Bánhidi, 2015a)

·        Listed citations must be put in chronological order instead of alphabetical order and separated by a semicolon. For example:

(Bede, 2014; Marton, 2015)

·        For word for word quotation, please also indicate the page number. For example:

(Capozzi et al., 2006, 328. o.)

3.2. Format of the references in References:

For journal articles:

Name of the author (year): Title of the article. Name of the journal. Volume. Issue number. from-to o. (page number)

Example 1: Szemes, Á. – Harsányi, Sz. G. (2015): Sportinnováció és flow élmény vizsgálata társastáncosok körében. Magyar Sporttudományi Szemle. 16. 61. 21-28. o.

In case of foreign articles, this requirement is modified so that the “o.” referring to page number is not included. Namely: Name of the author (year): Title of the article. Title of the journal. Volume. Issue number. from-to.Example 2: Capozzi, L.C. – Nishimura, K.C. – McNeely, M.L. – Lau, H. (2015): The impact of physical activity on health-related fitness and quality of life for patients with head and neck cancer: a systematic review. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 50. 6. 325-338. DOI: 10.1136/bjsports-2015-094684

DOI must be always placed at the end of the reference. If the cited article has a DOI, please indicate it in all cases.

For books:

Author (year): Title. Publisher, Place of publication

Example 1: Bede, B. (2014): Gyógyfürdők és gyógyszállók Magyarországon - 122 kiemelt gyógyfürdővel. Corvina, Budapest

Example 2: Mull, R.F. – Forrester, S.A. – Barnes, M.L. (2013): Recreational Sport Programming. Sagamore, Urbana, IL

For the chapters of a book or edited books:

Author of the section (year) Title. In: Editor’s name (szerk.): Title of the book. Publisher, Place of publication, from-to o. (page number).

Example: Fritz, P. – Magyar, M. (2015): Társasági – egyéni rekreációs tevékenységek. In: Fritz, P. (szerk.): Szellemi rekreáció. Dialóg Campus, Budapest-Pécs, 119-245. o.

For online references:

If the author and the year is known, you must act in accordance with the forgoing and by adding the online source to it. Namely: Author (year) Title. From: URL

Example 2: University of Southern Maine Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies (2016): Course descriptions. From: https://usm.maine.edu/rls/course-descriptions

4. Requirements for the preparation of illustrations:

Pictures (photos), figures, tables and diagrams must be made in accordance with the following requirements:

·        The size of the pictures, figures must be 17 cm wide, in 600 dpi resolution, in *.jpg format.

·        Please attach each illustration in an individual file.

·        The explanation of the symbols must be under the illustration in Hungarian and English.

·        The name of the file must include the type and serial number of the illustration, e.g.: figure1.jpg

·        Please indicate the proposed place of the illustration in the text, e.g. (insert Figure1).

·        The illustrations must not include the same data as in the caption.

·        The illustrations must be clear and comprehensible regardless of the text.

·        For pictures, please provide the title and the public information of the authors.

·        Please avoid excessive illustration.

Send the articles to the following e-mail address: journal@recreationcentral.eu